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Book Release Party & My Thank You

My life took a massive turn two days ago. A dream I thought would only be mine and a imaginary moment that I thought would never be. An idea that became a reality, my reality.

I spent my day with loving people who care about me and my dream. I was able to reach into a box and grab a dream of mine and hand it to someone. What my unconsciousness created is now able to travel into other peoples minds.

That is only because all of these beautiful humans who believed me. It's har...d to put in words of how grateful I am and will always be. You have changed my life and put me on a path I only thought existed in my imagination. I am not just a writer, I am a author.

Thank you.


A Picture that hasnt been taken for many years! Best day of my life!

My Brother and Sisters

My lovely sister selling books for me.

My Girlfriend Taylor and her mother Lisa and best friend Tracy.

A surprise from an amazing friend from my teenage years, Christie!!!





It's a very exciting time for me to be able to get on the internet and see my book being posted on soical media. I'm so happy to see everyone reciving there book or posting their thoughts about my story. Hopefully this is just the begining of "The Dream Architect" entering the world.

But speaking of "The Dream Architect" entering the world. I just starting new page call "Around The World" It's where I will be keeping a collection of photos taken by people with my book by a landmark/monuments. It inspires me to keep writing more by actually seeing where my work has gone.

Lots of thanks to everyone who keep sharing and supporting me and "The Dream Architect".

I love you all.




Date: Sunday June 28th
Time: 3PM to CLOSE
Location: International Tap House in Chesterfield
Address: 161 Long Rd Suite 107, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005
Event: New Holland Brewery will be handing out beer swag and ITAP will be tapping some tasty New Holland Brews.
I will be selling/signing "The Dream Architect" All day and night.

$3 Select Drafts all day and night!


Press Release!!!


In The Dream Architect, what begins as an unforgettable romance turns to heartbreak as young musician Baylor is killed in a car accident. As the shy, romantic Olivia begins her grieving process, Baylor must navigate the dreams and memories of his subconscious in order to reunite with his love. Only a mysterious young man has the key to their reunion. The Dream Architect is a surreal, contemporary romance that follows Baylor and Olivia's journey to unknown realms--and, ultimately, to each other.

24-year-old Brandon Berkel spent five years writing The Dream Architect. During a period of that time he worked at a bakery, where he came up with a lot of ideas for this book. He would spend early mornings inside his head, thinking of the story. When asked why he wrote the book, he responded, "Love, Dreams, and Immortality. With all the dreams and desires I have in life, through writing I can live all of them. Life is short and you never know when it will end. Through the words I created a world for my love ones to always and forever know where to find me." Brandon's girlfriend of four years has inspired the book as well.

The Dream Architect was crowdfunded using GoFundMe, where Brandon raised enough to publish both a hardcover and paperback version of the novel with Mira Digital Publishing. Daniel, Project Manager of GoFundMe, even made a generous donation. His note to Brandon said, "From one writer to another, make your dream come true. Here's to many more dreams after that!" His 94 donors will receive various levels of gifts depending on the amount of their donation, including a "special gift," as well as paperback and hardcover versions of the book.

There will be a book release party on Sunday, June 28th, 2015 from 3pm to close at International Tap House in Chesterfield, MO. The party will be sponsored by New Holland Brewery, Internaional Tap House, and Mira Digital Publishing. Books will be available for purchase and Brandon will be signing them all day. Select draft beers will be $3 all day.

To purchase the paperback version, click here:

Brandon lived in Columbia, MO for about 5 years but has since moved to St. Louis. He is a people person, playing therapist to the patrons of the bar he manages. He enjoys spending time with his cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Brandon is involved in the community, working with other entrepreneurs and attending local events. This is his first novel, but certainly not his last--he is already working on his second book.

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Where the writer found his inspration.


I had to bring my desk to the location of the cover of "The Dream Architect".






Sydney Australia


The Dream Architect is being read down under!!!

Australia's Blue Montains



Getting ready for shipping!


All packaged and ready to go out into the world.



Bucket List


Wrote and Published a novel... Check

Recieved a BIG CHECK.... Double Check!!!



Writers Desk




Connor Burke painting the cover of "The Dream Architect".


1st Draft & Nicholas Sparks


The day I had the first draft made I gave it to Nicholas Sparks at his book signing for "The Longest Ride".


Black & White


The past progress


The Author